Progressive Doom/Death Metal (Rumania)

1. A Sense-Alization Of Your Own-Not-Owned (Your Own Interior Own) (06:11)
2. Conquering The Lack Of Relations... The Vague... To Unify (06:06)
3. An Interior Autonom Structurality (To Protect... To Deceive... Protecting?) (05:20)
4. The Need (Appearing Yourself Through Into The Other) (07:03)
5. The Archetypes (Patterns Of Behaveor) (06:03)
6. The Spirituality Of The Prostitution (Masculin Domination Against Alterity) (07:16)
7. Celebrating Thee (A Drowing Down The Sun Ritual) (04:39)
8. Sinagogic Curse (06:33)

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